Welcome to Kyler’s Korner!

I started this page back in May of 2020, mostly as a space to post my own reflections and thoughts. I’ve always enjoyed writing, ever since I was in elementary school, and encouragement from my father led me to create this space. I hope that in some way, my story and my thoughts are able to be an encouragement to you in a unique way. Feel free to check out some of the pictures below, sharing some more about my life and my story.

Also, shameless plug, but would love to have you support me in ministry at YFCI. For more information, shoot me an email or check out my giving page here.

I love this picture for a lot of reasons. First, these guys have been a major blessing in my life, a strong group of dudes who love Jesus and love knocking the snot out of defensive linemen. Proud to have played with these guys. And second, I’m thankful that we were able to take this picture. The Monday following this game was when my athletic career came to a close, as the trial began. This was my final game at Wheaton, a 37-14 blowout of Carthage.
Thankful for awesome siblings who love and tease each other. Thankful for the ways that God has brought us closer together, and the support they’ve shown me in everything.
My heart for the world started early, as my dad took me on multiple mission trips to Poland to share Christ with teenagers in Poland. Thankful for the friends I’ve made during this times, such as Piotr (standing left), whom I am still good friends with today!
Through this wild ride, God brought to Denver, Colorado, where I found the most amazing church community at LIFEGATE Denver. Thankful for the way that these friends have encouraged me in faith, and given me opportunities to grow and to lead.
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