Targets for Big Ten Expansion

With the reports indicating that Texas and Oklahoma’s addition to the SEC is imminent, it is time for the Big Ten to get going on its own expansion efforts. Currently the highest grossing conference in terms of revenue (about $770 million in 2020), the Big Ten would likely need need to expand to sixteen teamsContinue reading “Targets for Big Ten Expansion”

Dewey or Destiny: Can Ron DeSantis Defy the Historic Curse of Front Runners?

In a recent poll done of conservative activists at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado, a bit of an upset occured. While not a strict head-to-head poll, a poll asked these activists which candidates they would vote for. The winner, surprisingly enough, was not former President Donald Trump for the first time in aboutContinue reading “Dewey or Destiny: Can Ron DeSantis Defy the Historic Curse of Front Runners?”

Trump Lost, Now What? Breaking Down GOP Contenders in 2024

Former Vice President Joe Biden is probably now President-Elect Joe Biden, even if the official concession from Trump won’t likely take place until after a handful of lawsuits are addressed. Remember that while some are going to be quick to paint this as a temper tantrum induced conspiracy from Trump, Al Gore waited until theContinue reading “Trump Lost, Now What? Breaking Down GOP Contenders in 2024”

House Races to Watch

While much of the coverage in election season goes to the Presidential race, followed by the Senatorial and Gubernatorial (governor) races, the House of Representatives elections are arguably just as important. While you are watching coverage of the election, be on the lookout for these six House races to get a sense of what isContinue reading “House Races to Watch”

The Totally Accurate Top Ten: Battle Scenes

Back with another installment of Totally Accurate Top Ten, this one takes a look at the ten best battle scenes across movies and television shows alike. This one gives preference to actual battles, as opposed to individual duels. Thus, this really requires two armies to be opposing each other. The other kicker for this one,Continue reading “The Totally Accurate Top Ten: Battle Scenes”

The Totally Accurate Top Ten: NFL Quarterbacks

The biggest factor in determining the success of an NFL team is their quarterback. Perhaps more than any other position, a quarterback can make or break a team. While some teams with loaded rosters are able to get by with average QB play, others require elite QB play to really win games at all. ThisContinue reading “The Totally Accurate Top Ten: NFL Quarterbacks”

What I’ve Been Reading Lately (May 7, 2020)

I’m currently on a quest to read a total of 50 books by the end of 2020. Here’s a look at some of the books I’ve already read through, at least some of the ones I’d recommend. All the Shah’s Men – Stephen Kinzer If you ever wanted to know why exactly there is muchContinue reading “What I’ve Been Reading Lately (May 7, 2020)”