Dewey or Destiny: Can Ron DeSantis Defy the Historic Curse of Front Runners?

In a recent poll done of conservative activists at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado, a bit of an upset occured. While not a strict head-to-head poll, a poll asked these activists which candidates they would vote for. The winner, surprisingly enough, was not former President Donald Trump for the first time in aboutContinue reading “Dewey or Destiny: Can Ron DeSantis Defy the Historic Curse of Front Runners?”

2021 NFL Mock Draft

Every year, along with several of my friends from Wheaton Football, we give our best guess as to how the first-round of the NFL Draft unfolds. It’s always a very optimistic time, especially for a fan like myself, cheering on a miserable franchise like the Detroit Lions. But on Draft Day, hope and optimism abound.Continue reading “2021 NFL Mock Draft”

Trump Lost, Now What? Breaking Down GOP Contenders in 2024

Former Vice President Joe Biden is probably now President-Elect Joe Biden, even if the official concession from Trump won’t likely take place until after a handful of lawsuits are addressed. Remember that while some are going to be quick to paint this as a temper tantrum induced conspiracy from Trump, Al Gore waited until theContinue reading “Trump Lost, Now What? Breaking Down GOP Contenders in 2024”


2020 was not the year that many of us expected. Around December and January, I can distinctly remember conversations amongst my friends about how many of us wanted to make big changes this year. Get out, do more, experience new things, build something, grow. It was to be a year filled with excitement, daring ourselvesContinue reading “Fifty-Five”

House Races to Watch

While much of the coverage in election season goes to the Presidential race, followed by the Senatorial and Gubernatorial (governor) races, the House of Representatives elections are arguably just as important. While you are watching coverage of the election, be on the lookout for these six House races to get a sense of what isContinue reading “House Races to Watch”


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